2012 Race Schedule

Pikes Peak/Cross Creek

BMX Schedule

700 point weekend  (State and East side series Qualifer)

June 1st (FRI night)                    PPBMX                       Single Points pre-race (2 moto transfer)

June 2nd (SAT morning)           PPBMX                       State Qualifier Race (TRIPLE POINTS)

June 2nd (SAT afternoon)         CCBMX                      Single Points pre-race

June 3rd (SUN morning)            CCBMX                      State Qualifier Race (DOUBLE POINTS)


500 Point weekend (Red-Line Qualifier)

June 8th (FRI night)                    PPBMX                      Single Points pre-race (2 moto transfer)

June 9th (SAT morning)             PPBMX                      Red-Line Qualifier (TRIPLE POINTS)

June 9th (SAT afternoon)           CCBMX                     Single Points Race


600 point weekend  (Movie Night / P4P / RFL)

June 29th (FRI night)                  PPBMX (Movie Night)               Single Points Race (2 moto transfer)

June 30th (SAT morning)          PPBMX (Pumps 4 Pumpkins)     Single Points Race

June 30th (SAT afternoon)       CCBMX (Race for Life)                Double Points Race (east side series)

July 1st (SUN morning)              PPBMX (Race for Life)                Double Points Race


500 Point weekend  (Rocky Mountain State Games) (2 moto transfers)

July 27th (FRI night)                   PPBMX                            Single Points Race

July 28th (SAT morning)            PPBMX                            Single Points Race

July 28th (SAT afternoon)         CCBMX                            Single Points Race

July 29th (SUN morning)           PPBMX                             Single Points Race

July 29th (SUN afternoon)         CCBMX                            Single points Race


400 Point weekend (East Side Series Championship / Earned Double)

Sept 21st (FRI night)                   PPBMX                                           Single Points pre-race

Sept 22nd (SAT morning)          PPBMX (Championship Race)         Double Points Race

Sept 22nd SAT afternoon)         CCBMX                                            Single Points Race


Scholarship Race (Multi-Point)

Oct 13th (SAT morning)               PPBMX                      Double Points Race

Oct 13th (SAT afternoon)             CCBMX                     Single Points Race

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Abundant sunshine. High 36F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.
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A mainly sunny sky. High 51F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

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