Pikes Peak BMX Code of Conduct

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1. Never argue with an Official or Marshall.

2. Ride to enjoy and improve your skills.

3. Co-operate with your co-riders, officials and track marshals because without them there would not be racing.

4. No rider / parent / spectator is to make offensive, disparaging or insulting remarks about any rider, official or volunteer.

5. No rider / parent / spectator is to make threats or use physical violence towards any other competitor, official or spectator.

6. Where an event or competition necessitates accommodation away from the normal residence,
including but not restricted to motels, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, before and after racing hours this code of conduct applies.

7. Competitors will be held accountable for the actions of their parents, other family members /
relations, team managers or any other persons in their company at a BMX competition or event.  Any misconduct on the part of any of these persons may, at the discretion of a race director or official, result in the disqualification or suspension of the rider and the removal of the offending persons from the track area.

8. No unsportsmanlike behaviour or intentional abuse to a rider or equipment will be tolerated.

9. Officials will not tolerate any behaviour or conduct which brings the sport into disrepute.

10. All riders must be in proper riding attire for all practices and racing. This includes approved helmet and gloves.

11. Encourage your child to always ride by the rules.

12. Focus upon your child’s efforts and performances, rather than the race result.

13. Assist your child to set realistic goals related to his/her ability and reduce the emphasis on winning.

14. Children learn by example. Applaud good racing by all riders.

15. Do not publicly question an officials judgement, and never their honesty.

16. Recognise the value and importance of all volunteers. Help and support them whenever you can.

17. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake.

18. The consumption of illegal drugs, performance enhancing or social, by competitors / parents/
spectators at any BMX event is prohibited.

19. The smoking of cigarettes is not encouraged and is strongly discouraged at BMX venues. Must be 150 away from any sanctioned event.

20. No running onto track if your rider/child falls, track officials will assess the situation and if deemed necessary you will be notified to come onto the track.

21. NO SANDBAGGING allowed.  This will be strictly enforced by USA BMX rules.

22. Officials will report all breaches of the behaviour code, to USA BMX the governing body of the American Bicycle Association.  Board of Management and apply penalties in accordance with the rules.

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