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Our new goal this year is to build a starting hill cover!

Lets all chip in and give our local BMX riders some shade while in the chutes and on the start hill!

We already have the best BMX and Pump track in the state, now lets keep our kids cool!

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 Pikes Peak has a new Pump Track! Come by and check it out!


What is a Pump Track?pump track1

A pump track is a continuous circuit of dirt rollers, berms, and jumps that loops back on itself, allowing you to ride it continuously.

Why should I ride or train using a pump track?

  1. It teaches you how to pump the terrain to gain speed.
  2. It teaches you how to ride berms and improve cornering.
  3. It teaches you how to maintain momentum in order to ride as fast as possible.
  4. It helps you learn how to look several steps ahead of where you’re riding.
  5. It creates a playful bike-handling demeanor, allowing you to see interesting lines on the trail that might not be so obvious.
  6. It provides an intense full-body workout in a very short amount of time.
  7. It’s tons of fun!


Pump Track 101

As mentioned above, the basic goal of a pump track, besides having fun, is to teach you how to pump example pump trackthe terrain to maintain speed. Pump tracks are set up with a series of rollers and berms that, if the track is designed well and you are riding it correctly, should allow you to gain and maintain your speed through the track without pedaling at all.

Rollers on a pump track.

To do this, as you approach a roller, unweight your front wheel on the front side of the roller. As the wheel crests the top, transfer your weight forward and push down with your arms (and then with your feet) to input power on the downslope. This “pumping” motion (hence the name “pump” track) is what will generate and maintain your speed through the track.

Berm on a pump track.

As you approach a berm, make sure you control your speed into it, then maintain good cornering position through the berm, and try to exit on the other end with more speed than you entered. As you ride the berm, make sure you are looking well through the turn at your exit point, and as you approach the exit, make sure that you continue to look even beyond that.

One of the key ingredients to successful pump track riding is to maintain a quiet upper body. While the bike will be moving up, down, and sideways beneath you, the goal is to keep your torso, the center of your mass, traveling in as straight of a line as possible as quickly and as fluidly as possible.

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